Chance Encounter Blog

hopes for the blog

i'm new at this - all of it. but i'm showing up here as custodian of this project - 'chance encounter' - which will benefit enormously from your participation. as you can read in the description of the project, even though the premiere performance of this piece for soprano susan narucki and c. 12 instruments is almost a year away, there is lots going on.

most importantly, i have been eavesdropping and overhearing things in public spaces now since april. i've collected hundreds of utterances and have begun organizing them into totally arbitrary 'categories' - 'nostalgia,' 'the third person who is absent,' 'food,' 'dissatisfaction with the place.' and i have begun composing vocal-instrumental sketches that vivify these various moods/stories.

but i need more of these things. i am hoping some of you will tell me some of the things you hear. as i go i will share the ones i have written down too.