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lack of trust in others

my friend robert kirzinger forwarded me one today that seems to defy categorization, or invite multiple categorization: "i usually don't invite anyone to stay with my parents unless it's serious."

i wonder if it could be understood to belong with these others, that i have listed currently under "xenophobia/mistrust/malevolence," but seem to be more accurately described as expressing some lack of trust in others. sometimes this is paranoia, sometimes cynicism, sometimes just uneasiness:

They are all really nice, but things that are important to us are not important to them.
Things arent's like that there.
I'm sure you guys are all in this thing together.
I hope they know what they're doing.
So I heard the news - any idea what it means? I can't say I'm surprised.
She had it coming, so don't feel too bad.
Next time say excuse me.
People here are nasty, mean and rude.
I'm not being nasty, I'm just in a bad mood.