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the holidays 1: JFK on xmas day

ok that rhymes. this has been an incredibly fruitful holiday season for us eavesdroppers. i will give you these delicious new additions in several posts, since i have managed to hazard so many public environments in the past days.

starting with grand central station holiday market on xmas eve (which is organized by my friend bill foley):
...and, yes, JFK airport on xmas day, preceded by the E train and airtrain in new york, and followed by the BART train in the SF bay area, where people actually stand in lines on the platform, behind black boxes that show where the doors will open:

the bicoastal collected wisdom of xmas:
They gotta be hurting somebody.
I shoulda waited for you, man. Where's my manners?
Just sleep for 48 hours, then you'll be great.
I want it to go up and down, but it goes sideways.
Well, they're probably telling you one thing but what they end up doing will be another.
That's a good idea - you could even put something in there.
I might go to midnight mass - I'm not sure.
You don't want to wear any jewelry in the shower.

coming in my next few posts: more SF (the embarcadero, chinatown), SFO, the LIRR, the main post office and NY penn station on new year's eve. it's been a veritable auditory feast!