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the holidays 2: san francisco

four days in the city of my birth! it was great to trip around town again on BART, the muni metro and buses

- and to mingle with the crowds at the ferry bldg/embarcardero

...and i stumbled upon a somewhat disorganized marching band taking five in chinatown:


it must be true what they say about the west coast. i heard some choice enlightenment talk, along with the usual disgruntledness from tourist imports, those not endowed with that bay area mellowness and acceptance:

I want my treat.
Can't you recognize Chinatown??
You gotta stay isolated.
So you got me both meats.
...being in the realm of an epiphany...
Where you want to get to has to be more desirable than where you are.
It sounds more trite than I mean.
Now what good is that going to do anybody?
Well, what's another option?
You feel so un-nurtured on some level. It's that un-nurtured kind of thing.