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the holidays 3: back in nyc for new year's

my trip back from san francisco took me on public transportation again
Cable_car Sf_trolley
then to SFO
and on the long island railroad train back to penn station (here it is early on new year's eve):
and then, for ridiculous reasons (composers spend an inordinate amount of time at the post office), i had to mail an express package on new year's eve at around 5pm at the main post office:

a very public few days, a delicious collection resulted:

How? By making him call me 500 times?
I'm gonna tell him I was in the shower.
I mean, whatever - it's not my problem.
When outside frigo, you like to stay over here.
She's making dinner for everyone but I think it might have cheese in it.
You think she's really skinny?
I got a call from your brother.
You know what else we do to shut them up?
I'm losing my appetite really quickly.
Two weeks ago she did a lot of stuff. Did you notice?