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existential commonplaces

good question evan - it's not so much that i'm looking for things i overhear strangers say, it's more that i'm looking for things that are said in transient public spaces, since the piece i am writing will be performed in transient public spaces. one of the great things about hearing things in passing is that one doesn't benefit from context, and so something quite quotidian, or even mundane, can glisten with potential meanings.

i've been calling these little gems 'existential commonplaces,' and here's how they are settling in to a little libretto of sorts, so far:

What kind of place are you looking for?
It doesn't matter.
You don't know me.
I've never been here before.
I'm about to go back underground.
I won't be staying long.

Are you by yourself?
You're sitting there looking at people like you cannot understand.
Where you want to get has to be more desirable than where you are.
I have done nothing, nothing has happened, nothing will happen.
I think that it signifies that there's nothing there.

What do I keep on saying? What do I keep on saying?