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back on the road: nantasket beach

this first week of 2007 included a short jaunt up to nantasket beach in hull, MA near boston, where i was leading a workshop for the faculty and staff of the boston arts academy. i hit penn station again, plus the nyc subway and boston T, plus a water shuttle that stopped off at the logan airport on the way back to boston:
Insideshuttle Watershuttle
Towardsboston Harbor1

Take a picture of me on the phone with him.
Why doesn't he look like me?
Who cuts it that close?
Am I on the room list? Am I good to go?
If we were in India right now we'd be sinking.
No turbo-props, and I'll need cars everyplace.
Oh no, we're gonna crash into the city!

i admit to retiring to the quiet car on the train home, aurally sated. gave me a chance to enjoy the sunset from the train: