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this new category is fun because it brings together things from many of the other categories and yet hangs together quite well. the question is - when i write the music, will i use these statements in both songs? i'd like the answer to be yes, which means that i will be setting some text twice, in two totally different contexts and interpretations. this is, of course, what makes it hard to do though, because when i am trying to develop unique music for a new section, the old setting of the text comes back and my head gets all busy. but if i use the new text to develop the musical material and then re-introduce the 'used' text, i may succeed. here's my Imperatives Song so far (some of these are from you! susan, win, thank you!):

Just go there. You'll see.
Just tell me what I have to do & I’ll do it.
Just sleep for 48 hours. Then you’ll be good.
Just walk forward – forward is the way the train is moving.
Come this way, sir.
Come ON – we’re gonna miss the movie!
Come back in 2 minutes – please?
She had it coming – so don’t feel too bad.

You tell him. I don’t want to sound like a robot.
Take a picture of me on the phone with him.
No turbo-props, and I’ll need cars everyplace.

You have money. Give me money.
Next time say excuse me.
Go ahead and scream.
Not at school, not at home, not in your head – NEVER say that.

All right – kiss my man for me, and kiss my little bird.
Tell Professor Van Friedeburg to come see me in Paris.
Have a nice time – and then call me.