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seward park library

although i spent much less time in public this past week, hunkering down to finish the 'aimlessness song' and making good progress on the existential commonplaces one (which i may simply call 'nothing'), i did drop by the seward park library on wednesday and speak to their supervising librarian mary jones about the possibility of doing the premiere there in september. she took me up to the wedding-cake roof, which used to be a garden cafe, and showed me some archival photos of the library back 100 years ago when it first opened. we had a very exciting meeting - seems like a great match. here are a couple of photos of the library and its setting, from across the street:

Library2 Library1

it's located down at east broadway, in the lower corner of the green triangle you can see on this old map mary showed me in the archives:

meanwhile, while i am home working you all are out in the world hearing magnificent things and reporting back to me! thank you carla, gordon, robert, katerina, peter, these are peerless:

I have some theoretical baby in the future.
The business is...the life.
Ugly sunglasses are chic in France.
I told you to watch your language and you put your hands on me.
What was I gonna say? I'm a veteran and I was beat up by a cop?
Sometimes I have dreams where at the end of the dream the credits roll.

If you text him a message with 140 signs about business and then 15 personal ones, it won´t sound evil! Like for example, Wanna visit me emoticon question mark!

Yeah, Yo...YEAH, Yo!...I know: right?...Yeahhhhh, Yo!

(peter, who transcribed this last one quite faithfully, remarks that the colon is of paramount importance - i agree.)