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from the sublime to the logistical

i must admit that the last week or so has been largely given up to managing the many details of this and other projects. sometimes i can muse about unreliable narrators, sometimes i am eavesdropping, sometimes i am composing, and sometimes - like this week - i am tweaking the budget, having meetings with susan, with creative capital, with the seward park librarians. the piece will not be conducted in performance but we need someone to lead the rehearsal process. the performance date (in september) may work for everyone but what about a rain date? if the musicians need music we will need to rent stands, with clips so the music doesn't blow away. we need insurance. we need permits from the city & parks department. we need a copyist. we need a videographer. happily, i find logistics strangely satisfying. maybe this is why all of the books in my apartment are arranged alphabetically and by category. i have been paying attention to the world of the MTA, though - and so have you! mick, gordon, thank you for some of the below:

Just tell me a time and a place and give me ten minutes to get there.
You get a salary and everything.
Give me the keys.
Is this a shoes-required event?
...and she does it with Q-tips.
I don't stick my nose into everything like you do.
There's no such thing as a mandatory optional project.