Chance Encounter Blog

premiere date: september 28

confirmation came through yesterday from mary jones at the seward park library: 'chance encounter' will premiere at (and around) the library on september 28 2007. this gives us a definite timeline: i'd like the collection of overheard things to continue as long as possible - they can be added in as the songs are being developed! - but a final draft of the score should be done in a few months' time. i can start putting together the band now, and i'll need to get them their parts by the end of the summer.

so far you all have helped me compose four distinct sections: "nothing," which is what i decided to call the 'existential commonplaces' song; the aimlessness song; drama/self-pity (i gotta find a good name for that one); 'topos nostalgia,' one of the earliest categories that i have yet to blog in its own right; and 'imperatives.' some other categories have emerged here - like 'children' 'lack of trust in others.' these are sections i have yet to compose. i'll have to see which one demands to be next. a variety of moods and frames of mind are good, which leads me to believe that 'children' might be a good inclusion. i'll throw a few more up here in the next days and you all can see what you think.