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arcana 2

i admit, i've been cheating on you, doing other 'chance encounter' writing on the side. john zorn is putting out a second 'arcana' book with writings of any length by 30 musicians, on any musical topic. my efforts yielded a somewhat condensed journalizing of this project, complete with a few of the categories you have been helping me construct. it is odd to have my fingers in every stage of a project at once: still collecting overheard things, always creating and managing categories, writing music but leaving things open to allow for newly found text, and writing overviews of it. it's like being a sportscaster for a game i'm also playing. but isn't that what most artists are expected to do these days? is it so bad? is it so good?

i don't know - but every time i hear something like this little gem, collected in san diego over the weekend, i remember why this whole process has such charisma for me:

We have to redesign that boy.