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george is back

it's gonna be a very good week - headed to nashville in a couple of hours, then phoenix (again), then houston and back to nyc. some new territory!

meanwhile i treated myself to bkfast at george's coffee shop, as i always do when i'm packing and heading out of town. for a while there george was mysteriously absent, but he's back (probably from greece, where he still has family). george's staff are mostly dominican and his clientele speak english or spanish, but he has a thick greek accent, from the islands. so he communicates to his staff in what i like to call Spangleek. it is a trippingly joyful faux-language that matches the inimitable ballet of george and pedro at the grill during the lunch rush. they have been making my same bkfast for 3 years - eggs scrambled soft, bacon (i swear they give me a whole rasher of it, best bacon north of the mason-dixon line), and a toasted corn muffin with butter. some of my favorite eavesdropping has been at george's. the clientele is pretty diverse but there is usually a delightful serving of masculine banter among the con ed/ups/time warner cable guys who stop there on their rounds. today it was a little slow (early sat morning), but i picked up two that please me:

Gimme some of that heroin coffee.
34 grams of sugar and they call this juice.