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Crowd numerology

some editing and sorting helped me stumble upon a terrific new category that takes a pretty even cross-section of the other existing categories: Numbers. brings back numb memories of those word problems on 3rd-grade math tests.

First class is going on first.
I got the last seat on this plane.
In the trenches it's all twos and threes.
I think that signifies that there's nothing there.
That's not the one but it is one.
If only two people worked on this crew, one of them would be sitting on his ass.

I thought of 500 ways not to make this trip.
I haven't gotten the check. I haven't gotten any checks. I wrote to them, three times already.
He didn't go to bed til 6, I woke him up at 9. He must be drunk.
Two weeks ago she did a lot of stuff. Did you notice?
Just sleep for 48 hours. Then you'll be good.
Come back in 2 minutes - please?

I owe you 42 cents? For what?
34 grams of sugar and they call this juice.
Are you really gonna leave at 7?
How? By making me call him 500 times?
I have one in eighth grade.
Maybe I should just do detox for five days during the week.
There isn't any more. And I don't know where we can buy it on a Sunday.
I've got two of them, both of them looking the same.
I had two, actually, but one of them died.
Just tell me a time and a place and give me ten minutes to get there.

Last time I saw my watch it was 8:30 - now it's 9:30.
Ten blocks seems like a fucking journey to me now.
There shouldn't be any traffic. I should be home by 4.
We're getting off in two stops.

Maybe you guys can do a duet.