Chance Encounter Blog

behind the scenes

months and months of being a sponge in public spaces, large-scale social spelunking, and now i am looking at the runway, getting ready to make this piece real. the last couple of weeks i have been working closely with many of the musicians who will play on sept 28, since many of them are in the knights, the chamber orchestra that headlined the annual mata festival of young composers (of which i am one of the founders), and several of them are playing some of my music this weekend on some concerts at tenri cultural institute, organized by violinist colin jacobsen. watching them all rehearse over the past couple of weeks is helping me get the sound of 'chance encounter' in my head, and knowing them as people is helping me imagine the character of the various moments i hope to create in this piece, in this space.

and some of the players have begun contributing overheard fragments too. here are a few more from some of you (thanks eric, gordon!):

Do you solve everything by crying?
He has a BMW. I am never talking to him ever again.
There were rowers on the river, and we walked.