Chance Encounter Blog

on trains and planes

it's great when i can find a seat on the train or plane that is directly in front of a child and parent. train to boston earlier this week, plane back.

I'll color his tummy, how about that?
When we go further away, everything looks smaller, right?
I'll let you come over here when there's something to see.

this week, btw, we had a big 'stakeholders meeting' at the seward park library to begin planning our various production plans for the sept 28 performance of 'chance encounter.' and in the course of other projects i have lined up some more of the musicians - lance, anthony, colin, eric: it's great to be able to put your faces on this piece! now, as is always the case, the music i write will start being more personalized.

in a couple of hours i will get on a plane for taiwan, for a whirlwind five-day trip (i'm singing two concerts there with the philip glass ensemble). i will be listening - i'm especially curious about our layover in anchorage, alaska! let's hope i am awake enough to listen to what's around me. in any case, i probably won't be able to report back here until i get back. hold the fort -