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taipei via anchorage

just back from what was certainly one of the most interesting (and exhausting!) eavesdropping-travel adventures thus far. from JFK airport to anchorage, where one is able to get a reindeer dog even at 3am:


...and on to taipei, where i did the bulk of my eavesdropping on the beautiful subway:



...and on the observation deck of the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101, from which i was able to gaze rather unsteadily down at the clouds:



some of these betray an english-as-second-language character, but i was amazed to discover that even some taiwanese children playing together were using english, even though it sounded like a second language to them too. from anchorage, taiwan, and all points in between:

Sleep, a little shopping, there's not much to do.
I met him in law school. I hated him.
Breakfast? This is supposed to be dinner!
Where are you attempting to go?
I never developed that area.
I have no idea if he eat the cheesecake or not.
Only two people run. Only one people catch.
That's too bad - I really mean it. He will make you miserable.