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spring arrives in central park

entirely by accident i discovered today how recreationally challenged i am. my crosstown bus was interrupted because of a greek day parade, and so i walked across central park and discovered a whole world of human interaction - it was the first spring-weather sunday in new york! how could i have been ignorant of such a compelling human event? i was not armed with my digital camera so i was only able to capture the thrilling throngs via my cell phone camera (yet another device i wasn't even aware i had!). my friend mick practically disowned me after he taught me to use bluetooth to load these onto my computer - i was so amazed and freaked out that my humble techno-belongings were actually communicating with one another, i almost went through the roof.

but i digress. it was a field day (literally) - a feast! for the eyes and ears. and for the curious-about-human-nature: couples on first dates, wearing inappropriate shoes for a picnic! couples with young kids trying to hide their squabbles and irritations, even from themselves, to convince themselves they were having a good time in the sun. grandpas reading the kite instructions while impatient kids whined. kids trying to play soccer with other kids who were just a little bit too young to play by the rules. groups of teenage girls vaguely competing with each other in some ill-defined psychological arenas. it's spring!




If you wanna know where all the frisbees are, they're in our apartment.
Are those people sitting around up there?
I usually head that way.
I wasn't sure what he would do.
I don't understand - where's The Lawn?
Vienna I can do when I'm 85. Seriously.
At 11 you might be more aware.
He hit me in the neck though.
NO - no Star Wars.
It's not in the shade though.
They found out they were first cousins.

this last one qualifies as the second-ever candidate for colin's freudian category.