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i'm at an internet cafe here in portland maine, where it has been easy to insinuate myself attentively among the locals. the 'season' hasn't quite started here, and the whole town is in eager anticipation of vacationing crowds. most of these were collected at a local downscale lobster-roll joint where the restrooms are marked 'mermaids' and 'seahorses.' awww....

Everything is so computerized today.
That's a very steep hill - do you want me to hold your hand?
I won't play that anymore, because everything got really dark and bad.
Obviously not a regular. A regular would never do that.
It's all on my desk now, waiting to be signed.
How much do you get for them off the boat?
We're getting a whole truck from Canada.
He had a christening party for his boat.
You shoulda been here yesterday - we fell into a theological discussion.