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union square, and nostalgia

i sat and did the crossword at 7pm in union square park yesterday among the lazy sunday crowd:

I think it's just the kind of people you meet here.
Every time I speak I hear myself talk a second later.

meanwhile, i've decided to put myself on a relatively strict schedule for the next 8 weeks: i need to bring one song to completion per week. most of them are already pretty far along. 'completion,' however, needs to allow for the continuing addition of new found text. since i am becoming more of a homebody now in order to compose, i probably won't be out collecting too much. but i know some of you will.

this week i will be wrapping up nostalgia. since i worked on it last, these other things that might be good to work in have come my way:

You shoulda been here yesterday.
When we go further away, everything looks smaller, right?
What happened to all of my stuff?
There were rowers on the river, and we walked.

i love this last one (thank you gordon! delivered by text message...). so - *especially* if you hear something nostalgic this week, send it my way.