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stealth collaboration

i'm staying on schedule, wranging 'topos nostalgia' into legible score form, one tedious measure at a time. and while i sit here at home working, you guys are texting and emailing me new stuff all the time - it's pretty awesome.

also been checking out how much this kind of thing is in the air - my friend pea out in san diego is making sound art out of found audio, in his project called lucas & friends. and of course there is found magazine, and so many other 'overheard in...' columns cropping up in university newspapers all over the country.

here's the superb new batch from you:

Said he lives in Jersey. Yeah, said he lives five minutes -- 10 minutes -- away from the office.
You walk in really hard these days.
How was your commute?
What the hell is metaphysics?
Do they have gogo men tonight?

... And I told him, you the onliest one.

thank you nick, a-c (fellow blogger extraordinaire), lance (another one of the musicians who will be playing in the piece on sept 28), and christopher!