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a week above ground

i've been in lock-down lately, finishing composing the music for 'nostalgia' and 'nothing' (which is what i am calling the 'existential commonplaces' song. but this week i did my monthly jaunt up to boston, and between various subway rides at home in nyc -


being out and about in cambridge (this gourmet deli was using their storefront to broadcast the red sox game in harvard square) -


...and the constant stream of excellent contributions from you guys, here are some tantalizing new additions:

I know a three-legged dog and this dog is as happy as any four-legged.
They said they have 20 minutes to get there. I wonder where they're going.
I'm shocked I'm talking to you.
He calls me, he calls you, he calls ten other people.
What are you listening to him for?
Greed is the deadliest of the seven deadly sins.
I was shocked. The whole thing fell into my mouth!
I guess they realized that nobody knows anything about religion, not even their own religion.
I don't even need a mattress.

(and a couple from the toddler set):
Get back to where you are!
Nature works!

thank you to some new deputy listeners: ralph, david s, deirdre, jim r. - and the continuing attentive ears of gordon and colin.