Chance Encounter Blog

what it looks like

hard at work still on the score - trying to make a 'finished' score while leaving room in certain sections for new text that comes in. we'd like there to be a box in the library where people can leave their overheard conversation fragments, so we can add new things up to the last minute. at the moment i'm working on the aimlessness song, devising an aleatoric section in which susan can construct new aimless melodies on the spot, incorporating new aimless comments.

i did emerge into the world last week for an afternoon of photos. these give an idea of what the piece will look like. you guys are certainly getting in the spirit. colin jacobsen on violin, eric jacobsen on cello, anthony mcgill on clarinet, lance suzuki on flute and, of course, the one-and-only susan narucki, intrepid soprano. we had a great time considering how various sections of the piece would happen in the space, and catching it on film. here are some photos - now it's back to work for me...