Chance Encounter Blog

first rehearsal

over the weekend we had the first rehearsal of 'chance encounter' - i was so relieved to hear people coming in just where they should have, which means that the complex cueing in the piece is adequately represented in the parts. this was one of the big challenges of scoring the piece: cueing the parts.

now we have a week before reconvening in rehearsal again, during which time the players and susan can continue their own work with a clearer picture in their heads of how it will all eventually sound & feel. it was quite interesting to discover that, as i suspected would be the case, there were sections that were harder to play with everyone together in one room than they will be with the two groups of musicians much further apart. each rehearsal now we will add in a new element - spatial distance, movement, outdoor run-through. this means a couple of rehearsals with walkie-talkies!